Welcome 2013, Thank You 2012

December 31, 2012 — 5 Comments

For the last service of the year, our pastor spoke last night about pressing forward and not looking back.  He talked about Lot’s wife and how, upon fleeing from Sodom and Gomorrah, she turned to look back at what she was leaving behind.  We all know the result of that action – she perished as she turned to a pillar of salt.  His point was that looking back prevents you from moving forward.  You can’t drive your car forward very well if you are constantly looking back at where you’ve been.  So we did something interesting.  We wrote down our successes and our failures from 2012.  Then we crumpled them both up and threw them in the trash can, determined to meet all that 2013 has for us, choosing not to be held back by either our failures or our successes.


Today is the last day of 2012.  It has been an amazing year for growth in our household and a very challenging year in other areas. This project began in March of 2012 and what a blessing it has been to see it come to fruition!  I have had so many awe inspiring moments at what the Lord has done through this project, through one small person’s life, through one small person’s obedience.  God has shown me that He can truly do great things through us if only we make ourselves available and let Him lead.  I have also been challenged through this project.  Being obedient to the Lord almost always comes at a price.  Sometimes it requires you to be the lone ranger hacking your way through the forest alone.  Sometimes you have to be the only one willing to stand on the box and shout.  You have to hold on loosely, have thick skin, and choose not to let offense rule you.  You must proceed in ministry with open hands, not clinched fists.  Each success and failure has brought strength and understanding to my life.

I want to encourage you to take a moment today to remember your own personal successes and failures this year. Identify what the Lord did for you this year, your areas of growth, your successes.  Then identify what didn’t work out the way you planned.  What areas are you not experiencing success in?  Is insecurity holding you back in any area?  This project is FULL of stories from real women who have lived real lives and silenced the voice of the enemy in their lives.  What lies are you believing about yourself? What is keeping you from fully stepping into your purpose?  What is standing between you and a life of freedom, loving who you were created to be?

Today, the last day of 2012, take the time to ask yourself the hard questions.  Don’t be afraid to give hard answers.  Cry if you need to.  But answer them – put a voice to it – and then ask the Lord to give you the strength to conquer it.  Make a decided effort to leave the past behind and start 2013 with strength and confidence.

Sending all my love and support to each of our readers today and everyday,

Anna Bowman

Founder of WhoIsBeautiful


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5 responses to Welcome 2013, Thank You 2012

  1. Great word! Thanks, Anna! Love and miss you.


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  2. “Don’t be afraid to give hard answers.” Yes! Great post :)

  3. Anna, great insight to moving into 2013. Thank you for your willingness to dig deep so the rest of us can latch onto the words and be brought along.

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