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I met Karla after she contacted me through the WhoIsBeautiful website.  In her email she stated that she had read several of the stories and felt like she was interested in possibly sharing part of her story through this site.  Of course, I was anxious to meet her and glad that she took the time to contact me.  When we finally did meet, I was blown away by her story.  I’m telling you…she is a miracle.  The evidence of God’s hand in her life during extraordinary circumstances that no person should have to endure is nothing short of amazing.  Please read a portion of her story below as she shares how God is restoring her through relationship with her husband.



There are times when my husband tells me I’m beautiful, looks in my eyes and expresses how much he appreciates me and how creative I am, that I don’t receive it well. I know his love is still breaking down some walls inside me. They aren’t even necessarily walls that I’ve built, but walls of the enemy, erected brick by brick over my lifetime; an insult here and betrayal there. The walls I personally worked on came down as I fully surrendered myself to the Word of God and His work in my life. Though, that didn’t happen the instant I got saved. For about 7 years after I received Jesus into my heart, I spent more time fortifying my “protective” walls, as the enemy reinforced the strongholds he was building through a wrong relationship. Little did I know I wasn’t protecting myself; I was effectively building a second wing onto the stronghold of rejection already begun in my soul.

A relationship has the potential to destroy and build up; the key is to know what is being destroyed and what is being built as a result. I know from experience that choosing to stay in a wrong relationship is incredibly damaging. To be clear, I didn’t choose wrong due to lack of warning from God. His warnings prove ineffective when you continue to walk through the forest of red flags letting them smack you on the face as you pretend they aren’t there.

The good news is that God’s Word is final. In Romans 11:29, it reads that God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable. Thank You Lord! He never ceased warning me and never stopped offering me a way out, even when I ignored His voice. And, as soon as I took that step of obedience He instantly dropped me right into the middle of His plan. It would seem in my human perspective that 7 years of disobedience would be sufficient for Him to simply give up on me, but in His infinite sovereignty and timing, I hadn’t missed i. In fact, His timing was perfect.

That wrong relationship did assist the enemy with his architectural plans in my soul, but Jesus has a weapon that’s like a hammer that breaks the rock of most stubborn resistance. The Word of God is that hammer. It’s also sharper than any two-edged sword and, if you give it time, it will bring to ruin the works of the enemy in your life. As I devoted myself to His Word, the walls that I built easily fell as He became my fortress and strong tower in their place; my weakness being fortified by His strength.

God is redemptive in nature. And because a relationship had wreaked havoc on my self-worth and confidence, He chose a relationship to rebuild and nurture those areas back to health. The word ‘husband’ is from the term husbandman, which is someone who plants or tends to the soil. So it is the husband’s job to tend to his wife and nurture her so that she grows and produces fruit. This God ordained relationship is also damaging, but strictly to the fortifications built by the enemy. As the stronghold walls crumble we still hit rocks sometimes, but it’s just proof the walls are coming down.

Between the power of God’s Word and the gentleness and nurturing of my husband, I will eventually have only one stronghold in my soul. A stronghold of love, acceptance and confidence, one built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, strengthened by continually abiding in His Word and protected by the one chosen to tend to it; my husband. Then when my husband looks in my eyes and tells me how beautiful I am, it won’t come up against a wrong wall. Rather, it will reinforce the right one.

I am Karla and I am beautiful.


One more for good measure :)  It’s important to have fun in marriage and David and Karla have that down pat!  Super fun couple!  I so enjoyed their photo session :)



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  1. Hi Karla, great story, I met you on Christmas Eve, (Rhonda)…I blog under a pen name.

  2. I love this blog and read it with great Interest! Wow, this is so beautiful! ( I came here via a link from Rhonda.)

  3. You take lovely photos :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch. As will I !

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