Maybelle the Cable Car

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Here I am with this topic on my heart. “Pretty sure I know how, God, but why?” I think I could almost say passion. I know I have just started on this journey called life, but being as I am a woman, age is a blaring issue. I see so many different aspects of it. Some women hide their age, some are ashamed of what they have accomplished by a certain age, or try to doctor their age. In my mind, all these responses are of the flesh. I have not read the Bible cover to cover, but I have gotten pretty deep into the word and my relationship with God. Not once has He indicated a woman’s age is something to be modest about, or cover up with shame, and most certainly not use plastic surgery to alter the body He has given you. Also, in all our exchanges never once has the Good Lord said, “Well young lady, you did not accomplish (insert life moment here) by said age. You fail.” In fact, I am pretty sure lines and thoughts like that are the devil.

So here I am with this topic on my heart for weeks, thinking of what words to use. A few days ago I wrote what I thought was my heart and the point I wanted to make, but boy was I wrong. Tonight, as I am sitting reading Maybelle the Cable Car, by Virginia Lee Burton, I find myself in awe of this lady. As I am getting lost in one of her stories some words slap me in the face.

Big Bill honked his horn and hootedmaybelle
“Out of my way…out of my way…
You little old cable car…
I just heard the City Fathers say
The cable cars must go…
That you’re too old and out of date…”

I mean poor Maybelle, a servant to her city, can not even age gracefully. Come to think of it neither can Mike Mulligan’s steamshovel Mary Anne, I believe. Is there any chance to it that these female characters are seen as aged and unworthy? I can only wonder what Virginia Burton felt as she aged. In the end of the stories, Maybelle, is given a new coat of paint (altering her natural beauty); Mary Anne is hidden away in a basement living out her life as a heater (made ashamed of who she is).

My mother, who is an amazing vessel of God’s love, is in no way or shape proud of her age. Never mind the fact she survived teen pregnancy out of wedlock in the eighties. I mean this woman is a single mother of two, but ask her age, and she turns ten shades of red. Why? The devil has stolen her confidence and made her think she has not done enough to be proud of a silly number. I mean what does age do for us? It helps people to figure out the year you were born, and world events you have been alive to see.

So, I give you these words of encouragement. Insert cliche here. The past is the past for a reason. Stop looking back and thinking, “oh man what have I accomplished to date?” Probably too many amazing things to mention. Stop grabbing that box of hair dye and saying to yourself  “I need to cover that gray. I am going to look my age.” Gray hair is usually thought of as a sign of wisdom. I say wear your salt and peppa mix proud! I would implore you never alter your body permanently, it probably hurts a ton. Oh yeah also, God designed you to be you, not just you without wrinkles. Those wrinkles signify life, you have survived it, and smiled tons along the way. So take today by the ears, and be a loud proud woman, who owns her age, and makes young ladies look and say, “I want that kind of courage. It looks good on her.”

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I am a mom of one son, and it is an amazing ride.  My husband is my best friend and my inspiration to live happily in my own skin.  God has blessed me beyond belief and inspires me to write occasionally.

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